I’m Mel Baudon

Product Designer

I specialise in product design and digital services. I step right where visual design, user experience, and marketing meet.



See how I work: Design process, UI screens, and case studies.

Mindy Mobile Beauty App Design - Case Study

Mindy is an app that connects users who consume beauty services with professionals who offer such services.

Diseño de StoreAlloc, Plataforma de asignación de productos - Caso de estudio

StoreAlloc es una plataforma que simplifica la asignación de productos a las tiendas físicas de LCS,  mejorando la distribución de inventario.

SMAT Investment Platform Design - Case Study

Smat is an app that connects investors with people who seek to invest in Real Estate investment funds.

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I specialise in the following areas:

• User research
• Visual Design
• Design Thinking
• Web Usability
• Digital Marketing
• Content Creation

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How to pick the right colour palette

There is a marked trend regarding the number of colors present on a screen and the interaction that the user has with it: the more colors there are, the less complex the interaction.

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UX/UI Starter Pack

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The human behind

the Designer

Above all, I’m a designer. Read more about my story and my professional career.

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