Personalised Mentorship

We will review together the queries you have on a specific topic and create an action plan to work on it.

Who are they designed for?

These mentorships are ideal for those pursuing their first job as a UX/UI Designer and who want to work on specific themes to obtain their very first job opportunity. These mentorships are also meant for those who are already working in the UX industry and want to boost their careers!

If you feel that you need more training on UX or UI, if you have a long list of doubts for which you couldn’t find an answer on the Internet, or if you have questions left after finishing a course, these mentorships are perfect for you.

Date to be agreed



These mentorships are 100% personalised: the syllabus is not standard, but it aligns with your needs and objectives. We can work on your technical skills (such as how to conduct an interview in depth), or on your soft skills (such as how to improve the communication within your team).

What It Includes

In addition to the content analysed during the live meetings, I will give you a resources folder, including the following:

  • Mentorship notes.
  • Additional material, such as resources and tools to practice what you learned. Readings, articles, videos, and complementary tutorials.
  • Recording of the meetings.

When and Where

The meetings are online (via Google Meet). We will coordinate the date and time in private.


Mentorshipsconsist of three meetings.

Payment options::

  • Bank transfer
  • Apple/Google Pay

Si elegís pagar con Apple/Google Pay, te va a llegar un mail con el link de pago correspondiente.
If you pay using a bank transfer, you will receive the bank account details in your inbox.

Frequently asked questions

Let me know 24 hours before the meeting, so we can reschedule it.

Yes, but you won’t make the most of it. These workshops are specifically designed for the IT industry (Digital Marketing, Web Design, Programming, QA Testing, Product Design, Project Management, etcetera). Therefore, I don’t recommend signing up if you are not part of the IT industry.

Absolutely not. Anyone can sign up for my workshops.

Of course! If you have a PayPal account, feel free to sign up!

Send me a message, let’s talk!