Hi, I'm Mel!

I strongly believe in the power of technology to revolutionise the way people learn, communicate, and create. I am passionate about designing products that help people live better experiences, being who they are: human beings.

I am a Digital Product Designer with a background in Business Administration. I bring a strategic approach and a deep understanding of the market to my design process. I started my career as a UX/UI Designer and then moved into Product Design. I have over four years of experience working on projects in various industries such as finance, retail, and the public sector. Always attentive to the needs of users and businesses, I create useful, usable, and used solutions. 

AI for a more human experience

Currently, I specialise in integrating AI into my design processes. This encompasses crafting AI-assisted interfaces that personalise the user experience, as well as optimising workflows through AI-powered automation. My goal is to leverage AI to create products and services that are intuitive, efficient, and elevate the human experience.

I'm a Google Women Techmakers ambassador

As a member of the program, I help women from the UK and around the world to grow in technology. I'm driven to create supportive spaces that connect, empower, and make us visible.

I know that the professional path of a woman in IT could be a challenge, but together we can do more and better. Google Techmakers is a safe environment to empower our talent, acquire new skills and share knowledge.

Together we can be more!

About My Knowledge and Skills

Sketch, Invision, Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, HTML, CSS, WordPress.

Interaction Design, Wireframing, Information Architecture, Visual Design, Branding, Design Thinking, Design Systems.

User Research, Market Research, Competitive Analysis, Benchmarking, Usability Testing.

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